Traditional Jazz in Birmingham, 1940s – 2024.


This site was begun some years ago, but has recently been relocated to this site, which has a more flexible layout.
It is now being reassembled, though this is likely to take some time, so please bear with us. 😀

Much more here, soon!


Here is just one image as a sample – image 003 of 1988.
There are hundreds more to come – are you on some of them?

1988-003. (Photo Dave Braidley). Chris Reilley; Jim Finch; Pat Braidley; Graham Treadwell (driver);
Chris Mercer; Tex Coltman; Dave Braidley; Geoff Muggleton; Dave Pyke.


This site was, and will remain, divided into two main sections. The most important was,
naturally, some hundreds of photographs of bands and musicians who lived and
played in the Birmingham area. This was interpreted liberally, as the West Midlands.
In addition, many visiting musicians became extremely popular, so they are included too.
Also, there is a section on handbills and leaflets produced, annoucing the programes of
Jazz Club sessions. These were more popular in the earlier decades, but the famous annual Oxfam Stomp
continues to have full documentation. Links to all these items will be added in the next few weeks.