Submit Your Images!

Our intention is simply to show as many musicians as possible, who have been active in Birmingham and the surrounding areas, since the Traditional Jazz Revival began. Also, images of pubs that had traditional Jazz, but are now demolished; and posters or leaflets advertising local jazz sessions. So if you have any you’d like to contribute, please scan them and email them to Jim Denham. Thanks!

Your images, if uploaded, will of course be credited to you.

We can handle most digital formats: .jpg, .bmp, .png, .tif &c. However, please submit your images as attachments to your email, rather than embed them in the email itself – that makes them much easier to deal with. Thanks!

We may crop your image to save space, or to select particular musicians not well represented.

Basic image enhancement (brightness, contrast &c) will usually carried out.

Images which carry copyright watermarks or tags cannot be uploaded, for obvious reasons.

Pictures of low definition (eg. from newspapers) cannot usually be ‘tweaked’ to provide
a viable image.

For simplicity, venues and band names are not included on the main page.

Having said all that, do please send your images via Jim Denham!

Thank you for supporting local Traditional Jazz History!