Programmes of some early Traditional Jazz Concerts
at Birmingham Town Hall.

Many of these booklets are the old ‘octavo’ size (roughly 7″ x 5″) and had 8 pages.
Only the first page is shown here, with details of the band(s) performing..
To see the whole 8 pages, just click on the cover, then return here for more!

This important historical material is from the Archive of the late William Dean-Myatt (1928-2021).
As a teenager, he attended all these concerts, and added notes as to tunes played
that were not listed in the programme, plus other useful comments.


4th February 1949. 4 pages only. Freddy Randall
& his Band, plus Ken Rattenbury Quartet.

15th March 1949. Freddy Randall All-Star Jazz Band,
plus Cab Kaye Quartet.

25th April 1949. Joe Daniels and his Hot Shots,
plus the Stan Keeley Quintet.

3rd June 1949. Humphrey Lyttelton & his Band,
plus Joe Saye Trio & Ken Rattenbury Quartet.

26th August 1949. Freddy Randall and his Band,
plus piano solos by Frank Brampton.

30th September 1949. The Yorkshire Jazz Band,
plus Ray Foxley & hisĀ  Levee Ramblers.

21st Ocrober 1949. Humprey Lyttelton & his Band,
plus Jimmy Hyde & his Band.

18th November 1949. Mike Daniels’ Delta Jazzman,
Alan Kirby’s Dixielanders.

16th December 1949. A 16-page extravaganza to end the year, with
Freddy Randall, Humphrey Lyttelton, the Yorkshire Jazz Band
and blind pianist Frank Brampton. Trophies were awarded!

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